Brownie or Blondie Fusion Slabs


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    Introducing our new Fusion Slabs!

    When we cut our brownies and blondies out of their trays, there are always some pieces left over that aren’t the right shape. We hate to waste a single piece of these delicious bakes, so we found a great way to utilise all these extra bits – by smushing them all together in a tray to make a slab and finishing them off with a generous drizzling of chocolate!

    Due to the random nature of how they are produced, we cannot guarantee what flavours will make up your slab, and they may be out of stock at times.

    Option 1:  Brownie Slab:
    The slabs are much denser than our brownies and have a texture that’s almost a cross between a brownie and a chocolate bar – YUM! These slabs will be created from whatever cut-offs we have from flavours including Classic, Triple Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Cookie Core.

    Option 2: Blondie Slab:
    These slabs will be created from whatever cut-offs we have from our blondie flavours  Classic, Strawberry shortcake and Coconut & Lime.

    Please take care: As our boxes can fit through a letterbox, it is possible for dogs/cats to chew the box. Chocolate is very harmful to pets so please consider this before sending to a household with pets.

    See below for ingredients and allergen information


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