How does Letterbox Brownies work?

Letterbox Brownies can be bought as a box of 4 or box of 8. You simply order online, choose a dispatch date, and we will send out your box of brownies on your chosen dispatch date via Royal Mail First Class Delivery. The boxes are designed to fit through a standard UK Letterbox* – so nobody needs to be home to sign for the delivery. This means the recipient will come home to a nice surprise waiting on their doormat!

The standard UK letterbox measures 254mm x 38mm

How are the brownies packaged?

Each brownie is individually wrapped to lock in the freshness for as long as possible, and labelled with a colour coded band indicating flavour. The brownies are then packed into a slim line cardboard box, and labelled with information on ingredients and storage suggestions. Your chosen personalised message card will also be included. Then your box is sealed and addressed, before it is sent out via First Class delivery.

We are committed to doing our bit to help the environment, therefore all of the packaging we use is recyclable – so when all the brownies have been eaten, simply chuck all the packaging in the recycling bin!

What allergens are in the brownies?

All of our standard brownies contain gluten, eggs and dairy. 

We do not have any brownie flavours that contain nuts, however the kitchen in which the brownies are produced is not nut free, therefore there may be traces.

We are working on vegan and gluten free options for next year 2019.

How long will it take for my brownies to arrive?

We send our boxes via Royal Mail First Class Delivery. This method of delivery tends to take between 1-2 days – however this can vary dependant on Royal Mail.

We use Royal Mail First Class Delivery as our chosen delivery service, as it ensures no one needs to be home to receive the package as our boxes fit through the letterbox.

(At peak times, including Christmas and Easter, expected delivery times can be slightly longer than usual. During these periods, we suggest allowing extra time for goods to be delivered.)

Why can I only choose a dispatch date, and not a delivery date?

As our chosen method of delivery is via Royal Mail we cannot offer guaranteed delivery dates, we can only offer a chosen dispatch date.

Generally our boxes arrive within 1 -2 working days from your chosen day of dispatch.

(Please bear in mind at peak times, including Christmas and Easter, expected delivery times can be slightly longer than usual. During these periods, we suggest allowing extra time for goods to be delivered.)

How long will my brownies last?

Our brownies are made fresh and so are best enjoyed within a week of receiving your box. However, if you are somehow able to resist eating all your delicious brownies within a week (we’re sure you won’t be able to!), they will easily last up to 3 weeks if stored in a cool, dry place – and even longer if kept in the fridge.

How many servings are in each box?

The brownies can be bought in boxes of 4 or boxes of 8. Each brownie measures approximately 3” by 2” and are just over half an inch deep. Chocoholics may want to eat a whole box in one sitting, but we recommend that each individual brownie is a satisfying serving for one person.

I want to order a box of more than 8 brownies – can this be done?

Our standard sizes are boxes of 4 or 8. However, we can produce custom quantities for special events. If you would like to enquire about placing a larger individual order, please email us at info@letterboxbrownies.com

I want to order more than 5 boxes – what is my best option?

Letterbox Brownies boxes can be purchased individually, however if you have a number of lucky recipients in mind to receive a box, you may be better off looking at our Multi buy options. This is a great option for businesses looking to send small and special gifts to clients.

Can I cancel my order?

As each box is a made-to-order product, we reserve the right not to allow cancellations. However, if you cancel within 12 hours of placing the order, we will be able to cancel your order. Your cancellation request must be sent in writing to our email address info@letterboxbrownies.com within 12 hours of purchase.